Friday, October 28, 2016


The attic has a 120 year old tongue and groove hardwood floor, in unfinished and relatively poor condition, Both plumbing and wiring has to be routed underneath it, so the simple decision was to rip it up and discard it.  Underneath is a cellulose insulation, way too early to have asbestos, but I will get a sample tested regardless. The framing on the left is a short waist wall, directly ahead will be the location of a vanity.

To keep cold air infiltrating the cavity beneath the floor of the attic, 2" R12 styrofoam blocking has been installed to close off the joist cavities. It was cut snug to fit, and then sprayfoamed for an excellent seal,

Pex connections, The vanity will be to the right, a toilet in an alcove to the left, and behind the photo location )down, in the direction the Pex is running, will be a urinal, in another alcove, of a proposed L shaped, small bathroom, due to height and space considerations, the Master bath will not have a tub or shower.

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