Saturday, September 9, 2017

FRAMING - Third Floor Bath

Looking to the rear of the house, the attic staircase is on the left, the door opening to the bathroom directly ahead at 45 degrees, on entering the bathroom, hard left to the toilet, hard right to the urinal, and right and ahead to the vanity, in an asymmetrical T shaped layout.

Some insulation detail, the vanity is to the left of the valley, the urinal to the right, insulation is a styrofoam rafter vent, 2 x 6 Roxul insulation, followed by 3/4" Atlas XPS rigid foil backed 3/4" sheet.

Friday, September 8, 2017

CEILING FRAMING - Collar Ties and Structure

Looking to the front of the house, I have added a 2 x 6 box directly beneath the flat roof box, and collar ties have been cut and installed between opposing rafters, glued and nailed in place, and bracketed underneath the new 2 x 6 box. These collar ties are effectively the new ceiling joists for a slightly lower ceiling in the attic (about 8'4") and the floor joists for the proposed belvedere above.

Looking to the rear of the house, showing  two of the collar tie joists, blocking, short T joists butting into the first cross joist, and shorter collar ties down the narrow section of the attic. The wall framing in the background are the walls and door to the attic bathroom.

Friday, October 28, 2016


The attic has a 120 year old tongue and groove hardwood floor, in unfinished and relatively poor condition, Both plumbing and wiring has to be routed underneath it, so the simple decision was to rip it up and discard it.  Underneath is a cellulose insulation, way too early to have asbestos, but I will get a sample tested regardless. The framing on the left is a short waist wall, directly ahead will be the location of a vanity.

To keep cold air infiltrating the cavity beneath the floor of the attic, 2" R12 styrofoam blocking has been installed to close off the joist cavities. It was cut snug to fit, and then sprayfoamed for an excellent seal,

Pex connections, The vanity will be to the right, a toilet in an alcove to the left, and behind the photo location )down, in the direction the Pex is running, will be a urinal, in another alcove, of a proposed L shaped, small bathroom, due to height and space considerations, the Master bath will not have a tub or shower.

Monday, November 23, 2009

In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was a large unfinished walkup attic. Then after moving in, and over the years, Katherine and I (I mostly) used it as storage space for junk. Now the time has come to organize the junk, de-clutter the whole mess, toss, sell and give away as much as we can, and then finish the attic into useable living space. Here is a before picture, as embarrassing as it is to me!